It’s been an owl inspired year!


Just some of the many owls created during this years silkpainting at Center Parcs !

I was originally inspired by a tile design from a visit to the V+A Museum in London and found it worked really well as a silkpainting design. It has quite a lot of outlining to do but easy to paint and fun for me to see it reproduced in so many different colour ways. Owls have been a very popular design motif  and I find myself  looking for variations on this theme,  the little Roman Owl coin was found on the internet . Pottery decoration is also worth a look at for birds and animal designs

One thought on “It’s been an owl inspired year!”

  1. Hi Jennifer, I loved your silk painting course at Centre Parcs . Love all your designs can’t wait to return to paint a different one. I am so inspired. Started cutting out glass today to transform my silk painted elephant into a stained glass window. Keep you posted.

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