Collage work with Gel Printed Papers

I have been enjoying printing papers using my gel plate for some years now and find this simple way to play with colours, patterns and shapes so appealing.
My pile of printed papers has grown and I find a therapeutic way of using the less favoured ones is to make random mini collages, re-using an old diary helps me to keep the work free and experimental, an ideas book for colours combinations and compositionS.

I often start these by choosing prints that have similar tones, warm reds, oranges, yellows and on another page find myself drawn to all the blues, greens, purples, so swayed by a mood or which papers speak the loudest.

Leaf prints have featured in my work, a strong connection with plants found in my garden and collected on walks.

I enjoy cutting my own stencils and use them in the process, as well as a host of found mark marking tools that can be found around the house.
If you haven’t tried gel printed before, do give it a go, a great way to loose yourself and create a lot of printed paper rather quickly!