My collection of Printing Tools and Inspiration.

These are just part of my collection of potato mashers, rollers, old wool reels, waffle stamps etc. I can’t resist collecting them when I see a new pattern potential, often from car boots or charity shops, it’s surprising how many different designs you can find. All excellent for stamping on gel plates, using with paint or wax as a resist.

These are some of the stencils I like to cut by hand with scissors or a sharp scalpel, used for printing on the gel plate.

There’s something special about the use of string and gel printing. Love the abstract, uncontrolled results, so I’ve collected all thicknesses of string, cotton, wool, garden twine, cord etc.

These are dried leaves I’ve collected from my walks and from the garden, I use leaves in my printing and enjoy the variety of shapes.

Netting of any description which I find in fruit bags, garden netting, fabric net, punchinella, bubble wrap, and assorted textured stuff from scrapstore trips. So many possibility’s with gel printing, instant texture, a great way to get started , using these textures to build a bank of interesting papers for collage.

Love circle shapes, so here’s a few I’ve used recently, cardboard tubes, elastic bands, disc shapes, Lego, foam, stencils. I print sheets of different types of papers using a combination of these shapes , ready for a collage session.

So that’s my collection ! Hope you enjoyed a peek into the behind the scenes of a gel printing addict!