Painting a Delin Harpsichord Soundboard

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  • I attended your silk painting classes in Bath years ago. Loved them and utterly committed to it, along with Chinese brush painting – I think they share same freedom of brush strokes! I recall we had a great rapport over turtles! On my new website under ‘Gallery’ there are turtle hatchlings which end ‘Wildlife Encounters- Southern Seas& Shores’ (published last week, 105 of my drawings!)…Turtles have been a sort of talisman since being entranced by hatchlings in a bath tub in Queensland 1954, then nesting 1990’s & intermittently underwater and on land since. Book’s last 15 pages are devoted to them and their seas & and what we can all do for them. First Wild Encounters book has 2 chapters them. In these Corona days if you need armchair travel, the Chief Scientific Advisor to Blue Planet ll describes it as ‘A captivating account of the richness, vulnerability & remarkable resilience of wildlife. Reminiscent of Sir Peter Scott’s famous travel diaries for its vivid descriptions, & deft illustrations of life in the wild, Nicolette’s colourful story-telling draws you into her world so completely that you soon feel you are with her at the wild edges of the human world. Nicolette Scourse is an entertaining and marvellously perceptive guide to the wild places & creatures of the southern seas’. First 50 pages(penguins) free read on Amazon, and fun background pix on website! Now both books are finished after 12 years I can now get back to silk painting- I have all the kit waiting ready in my studio!! Hope you are well, obviously still doing vital designs and inspiring people! Best wishes & keep safe, Best wishes, Nicolette- afraid I don’t do social media, only email.

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