GelliPrinting Workshops

Black Swan Guild, Frome,Somerset

Gelliprinting at The Black Swan Guild in Frome, proved to be a popular workshop and my first introduction teaching this exciting method of printmaking without the need for a press.

There were 5 morning sessions and we covered lots of techniques including mark marking with everyday tools to create a lot of prints using black acrylic paints and a simple gelplate. Students then went on to create concertina books showing all the different textures explored to great effect.

We explored botanical printmaking with fresh and dried plant matter, the use of handmade stencils, working in a series, image transfer and ideas how to form books, cards, collage works from printed papers.

It was great to meet everyone in person and share this fun way of creating great prints so easily.We had a group exhibition at the end of the course and I was really impressed by the volume and variety of work produced.These photos sum up the productivity of the class, well done to all!
I am planning another similar course in April/ May for 5 sessions,organised through the Frome Adult Community Classes.Dates to be confirmed.