Framing Your Silk

Your silk painting, an Ikea frame (RIBBA 50x50cm) ,craft knife, masking tape, flat screw driver, scissors, metal ruler,cutting mat or board, white mounting board cut to 50x50cm. step1 Using the screw driver carefully pull back the metal tabs on the back of the frame. Take out the card mount. step2 Using a sharp craft knife and metal ruler cut a piece of mounting card 50x50cm sq. step3 I had to trim my silk to make it fit within the card, leaving enough space to apply the masking tape. step4 This is the tricky bit so a tip is to apply a full length of tape on the first side of the silk ,then use smaller pieces and apply tension on the opposite side .Repeat this on sides 3 and 4 .the finished result should be flat without wrinkles. step5 I estimated a 4cm mount was needed to fit with the design and so measured 4cm from the outer edge of the Ikea frame. step6 Cut out the required mount size. step7 Place silk under mount and place upside down in the frame. step8 Finish by popping back the Ikea hardboard backing and close the metal tapes. finnished These frames come in different colours , natural,black,white and silver .They cost under £10.00 and present the work in a simple contemporay style.Ikea include all the wire and hooks for hanging.

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  • Thank you so much for my great silk painting kit and the fun I had here’s to next year that will be 5 years I have been coming to paint love Sue Michael and Ben xxx

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